The Spiciest Food Destinations the World Has to Offer

This is a guest post by Will Peach, editor at the gap year travel site Gap Daemon. He also travels the world looking for good eats, writing about them on his overland and environmentally-friendly travel blog

We all know that thousands of people around the world enjoy a good level of spiciness in their food. Whittling down a list into the worlds top ten spicy travel adventures then? A pretty tough task!

Yet the show must go on. These culinary paradises? Each is ripe for trying out on a foodie-focused world trip. Let those ravenous senses loose!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a must-visit destination if spicy food is what you’re after. Street food here can vary from quick hoppers, which are a kind of crepe that can come with an egg cooked in the middle, to hot curries. Be prepared for smoke to shoot out of your ears as you chow down on some chili fish curry too.

One of the most popular types of street food in Sri Lanka is kottu, which is a stir fried combination of flatbread mixed with a selection of vegetables, eggs and cheese.


The country’s neighbor India, of course, is no stranger to a bit of spice with street food ranging from the choke-inducing but delicious pani puri in Mumbai to the pork vindaloo in Goa.


Looking further west in our countdown of the world’s best spicy travel adventures, it only makes sense to check in at Mexico. The local cuisine here includes some incredibly hot peppers, from jalapenos to habaneros pretty much appearing in everything. Even the humble burrito or taco is elevated to epic status with the inclusion of one of these tear-jerkers!


Also in North America, make sure you check out the array of food carts selling everything from spicy buffalo wings to Korean BBQ on the streets of New York. The food carts have become such an icon in the city that they even have their own food awards!


Germany is yet another great travel spot that should make the list. The hottest trend in street food out there is currywurst, a spicy pork sausage drenched in curry with an extra sprinkling of curry powder.


Not too far away, in Singapore you can take your pick of four different cultures in a single location, served hot at a table in one of the local food courts. The Malaysian pork rib prawn noodles they sell here feature are definitely one of the spiciest travel adventures you’re going to find.


Asia is an easy choice when it comes to spicy food, so be sure to include the fast food options sold on the boats on the waterways in Bangkok, Thailand. Steamed crabs and grilled fish are common favorites; while they are not spicy on their own, the accompanying condiments will have you reaching for the bucket to cool your tongue.


Similarly, China’s street vendors offer a range of interesting items for the adventurous traveler with spice lovers reaching for the Malatang Sichuan dinner options.


Next we come to Hue in Vietnam, home to the country’s spiciest street food. The spicy beef noodle soup and the Nem Nguoi, a type of meatball, are well worth trying if you have the guts.


Last but not least, we have Indonesian street food! Ranging from kerak telor (a hot omelette) to nasi goreng (a type of fried rice), the abundance of options on offer around Indonesia put the rest of the world to shame.

Think you’ll ever have a bland food day again? Not in any of these places you won’t!

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